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Political Activism and Social Movements in the Notre Dame Archives

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  • Alphabetical Pamphlet Collection

    Pamphlets, leaflets, and booklets that touch on a variety of topics, including Catholic Action, labor unions, immigration, birth control, fascism, socialism, racism, and disarmament.

  • Ann Harrigan Makletzoff Papers

    The founder of the Friendship House, a movement of Catholic lay men and women seeking interracial justice. Includes scrapbooks and clippings about Makletzoff and Friendship House.

    Civil Rights Catholic Action
  • Book Collection

    Reference works likely to be helpful to researchers in the Notre Dame Archives and books collected by Francis P. Clark.

  • Catholic Peace Fellowship Records

    An organization committed to a vision of Christian peace through non-violent activity. Records include material for protests, clippings, press statements, photographs, and letters.

    Anti-war/Peace Catholic Action
  • Center for Concern Records

    An organization that sponsored research, publications, and workshops on peace initiatives, economic alternatives, women in society and church, and social theology.

    Economic Justice Human Rights
  • Charles Curran Boycott Papers

    Pamphlets, posters, press statements; handouts, and clippings having to do with the boycott in support of Fr. Charles Curran at the Catholic University of America in 1967.

  • Christian Family Movement Records
    See also: Christian Family Movement. Milwaukee Chapter Records

    A national movement in which families met in local Catholic Action inquiry groups to observe and improve their community.

    Civil Rights Catholic Action
  • Clarence Manion Papers

    The papers of Clarence Manion, Dean of Notre Dame's Law School. Contains audio recordings (1954-1979) of the Manion Forum radio program. Manion frequently discussed communism, labor unions, and civil rights on his program.

    Civil Rights Labor Activism
  • Copy Negatives Collection

    Negatives from our collections generally having to do with the University of Notre Dame or the history of the Catholic Church in America.

  • CRISPAZ Records

    Organizational records concerning refugees, immigration, and human rights violations during the Salvadoran Civil War.

    Human Rights Catholic Action
  • Daniel Cherico Collection

    A collection that primarily consists of Catholic books, pamphlets, periodicals, parish histories, postcards, holy cards, and printed ephemera.

  • David B. Cortright Papers

    Director of Policy Studies at the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies. His papers contain writings in support of nonviolence, nuclear disarmament, and world peace.

  • Dennis Clark Papers

    A Catholic historian and social activist, Clark’s papers relate to urban history, labor, public housing, desegregation, and Catholic Action.

    Catholic Action
  • Dolores R. Leckey Papers

    Papers, speeches, diaries, printed material, photographs, and news article related to the development of projects such as the United States bishops' Women's Pastoral.

  • Donald W. McIlvane Papers

    Correspondence, minutes, memoranda, newsletters and clippings from peace, civil rights, social, and religious action groups in the Pittsburgh area.

    Civil Rights Catholic Action Anti-war/Peace
  • Elizabeth A. Johnson Papers

    The author of She Who Is: the Mystery of God in a Feminist Theological Discourse; Women, Earth, and Creator Spirit; and Friends of God and Prophets: a Feminist Theological Reading of the Communion of Saints.

  • F. J. Patrick McCartney Papers

    Correspondence, union files, subject files, and personal papers documenting McCartney's involvement in the AFL-CIO.

    Labor Activism
  • F. Peter Libassi Papers

    Frank Peter Libassi served as deputy staff director for the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. Materials touch on civil rights, age discrimination, equal opportunity, and related issues.

    Civil Rights
  • Frank Duffy Speeches and articles

    Records include speeches and articles from The Carpenter, a trade union magazine, concerning labor wars and union membership.

    Labor Activism
  • General Collection

    Pamphlets, periodicals, and printed ephemera concerning catholic action, labor unions, immigration, birth control, socialism, racism, disarmament, war, and more.

  • Geno C. Baroni Papers
    See also: National Center for Urban Ethnic Affairs

    Founder and president of the National Center for Urban Ethnic Affairs, his papers contain materials on race relations, fair housing, birth control, voter registration, and more.

    Civil Rights Economic Justice
  • Gilbert Cardenas Papers

    Papers document scholarly research of and involvement in the Chicano Movement in the 1960s and 1970s.

    Youth Activism Chicano Movements Labor Activism
  • Gordon Zahn Papers
    See also: Center on Conscience and War Records

    A Pax Christi co-founder, Gordon Zahn was known for his participation in the Catholic Peace Movement. Papers are comprised of correspondence, reports, and other papers concerning pacifism, nuclear disarmament, homosexuality, racial inequality and other aspects of social justice.

    Catholic Action Anti-war/Peace
  • Groundwork for a Just World Records

    A Catholic organization dedicated to raising awareness about issues of justice and peace.

    Anti-war/Peace Catholic Action
  • Howard A. Glickstein Papers

    Court case and subject files collected by staff director and general counsel of the United States Commission on Civil Rights.

    Civil Rights
  • Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center Records

    The collection is comprised of meeting minutes, newsletters, bibliographies, and committee files on peacemaking, racism, and economic justice.

    Catholic Action
  • James J. Norris Papers

    James J. Norris served as a lay auditor at the Second Vatican Council. Papers relate to his work with War Relief Services - National Catholic Welfare Conference and the International Catholic Migration Commission.

    Human Rights Catholic Action
  • Joan Morris Papers

    An artist, film maker, author, and Catholic feminist, Morris’ papers are comprised of correspondence, her writings, an unpublished book-length manuscript, and personal records.

  • John J. Egan Papers

    A priest of the Archdiocese of Chicago, his papers contain materials on his years at Notre Dame, his parish work, labor issues, race relations, social justice, and ecumenism.

    Civil Rights Labor Activism Catholic Action
  • John Joseph Fallon Papers
    See also: National Catholic Reporter Publishing Company Records

    Correspondence, meeting minutes. and other printed materials concerning the early years of the National Catholic Reporter and coverage of the Vietnam war and civil disobedience.

    Resistance/Dissent Anti-war/Peace
  • John P. Boland Papers

    As a priest and labor activist, Boland founded the Buffalo Diocesan Labor College. Papers provide insight into labor activities of the 1930s and 1940s.

    Labor Activism Catholic Action
  • Kara Ann Speltz Papers

    Clippings, circulars, posters, handbills, protest button, banners, position papers, and correspondence having to do with Catholic anti-war activities and draft resisters.

    Anti-war/Peace Resistance/Dissent Catholic Action
  • Mexican American Catholic College Records

    Institutional records document their work as educators of Hispanic ministry and their mission to address systematic racism and to develop opportunities for Hispanic leadership.

    Chicano Movement
  • Midwest Council of La Raza Records

    This advocacy agency was part of the Institute for Urban Studies. Records provide insight into the labor conditions of migrant workers, immigration, and bilingual education in the Midwest.

    Chicano Movement Labor Activism Human Rights
  • National Assembly of Religious Women (U.S.) Records
    See also: Leadership Conference of Women Religious of the United States Records

    Records document the organizations interest in the role of women in the church and topics such as economic justice, abortion, racial inequality, homosexuality, nuclear disarmament, and U.S. policy in Central America.

    Catholic Action Feminism Civil Rights
  • Network Records

    Records belonging to this Catholic social justice lobby include printed materials relating to the Equal Rights Amendment.

    Feminism Catholic Action
  • Notre Dame Audio-Visual and Oversize Graphics Collection

    Audio-visual material and graphics (largely photographs) collected by the University Archives.

  • Notre Dame Draft Counseling Center Records

    An unofficial student organization that provided counseling on the draft. This collection includes letters of protest and printed material from draft-resistance organizations.

    Youth Activism Anti-war/Peace
  • Notre Dame Printed and Reference Material

    Printed material concerning the University of Notre Dame.

  • Oral Histories Collection

    Includes audio recordings and transcriptions of interviews on Catholic Action and social justice.

  • PADRES Collection

    A national organization of Latino priests founded to address discrimination experienced by Mexican Americans in all spheres of life: religious, academic, and social.

    Chicano Movement Catholic Action
  • Patrick Henry Callahan Papers

    A varnish manufacturer and Catholic layman, active in several social reform organizations. Papers touch on topics such as Hitler, pacifism, anti-semitism, and religious tolerance.

    Anti-war/Peace Catholic Action
  • Pax Christi USA Records
    See also: Thomas J. Gumbleton Papers

    Records of the American chapter of Pax Christi, an international Catholic peace organization.

    Anti-war/Peace Catholic Action
  • Peter Ernest Dietz Correspondence

    Peter E. Dietz was a priest and journalist. Letters document his work in support of organized labor and his interest in social service and social reform.

    Labor Activism Catholic Action
  • Peter Walshe Collection

    Collected material document research into Church - State conflicts in twentieth-century South Africa and the liberation movement in South Africa.

    Human Rights Resistance/Dissent
  • Philip J. Scharper Papers

    The associate editor of Commonweal, a Catholic journal focused on political and social issues.

    Civil Rights Anti-war/Peace Catholic Action
  • Robert Emmet Lucey Papers

    Includes records of the Bishops' Committee for the Spanish Speaking, the Catholic Council for the Spanish Speaking, and the Bishops' Committee for Catholic Migrant Labor.

    Catholic Action Labor Activism
  • Sister Mary Benet McKinney Papers

    Correspondence, clippings, and publications of Sister Mary Benet McKinney, a Benedictine nun, educator, and civil rights activist.

    Civil Rights Catholic Action
  • Social Issues Collection

    A pamphlet collection that covers a wide variety of topics including ethics, socialism, racial equality, immigration, trade unions, and more.

  • Theodore M. Hesburgh Papers

    President (1952-1987) of the University of Notre Dame; member and chairman of the United States Commission on Civil Rights. Civil rights material is open and available on microfilm.

    Civil Rights
  • The Grail Records

    An international women's movement committed to social transformation with an interest in ecological sustainability and women's empowerment.

    Feminism Catholic Action
  • Thomas F. Mahony Papers

    A Businessman and advocate for Colorado's Mexican-American migrant sugar-beet laborers.

    Labor Activism
  • U.S. Catholic Records

    A Catholic magazine covering wide variety of topics, including sexism, homosexuality, the equal rights amendment, nuclear disarmament, abortion, and civil rights.

    Anti-war/Peace Civil Rights Feminism
  • Young Christian Workers Records
    See also: Reynold Hillenbrand Papers, Young Christian Students Records, Donald Runkle Collection

    An organization of the Catholic lay apostolate for young working people. The collection consists of material on civil rights, labor unions, and the broader mission of Catholic Action.

    Youth Activism Catholic Action Labor Activism