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Annotations Projects—Remote Work Information


These annotation projects help enrich digital materials, mostly images from our Rare Books and Special Collections, but also from other international sources, such as the Institute of East Asian Studies at ENS-Lyon.

Most of the tasks involve identifying significant structural features in the image, such as titles, section headings, page numbers, and map legends.

If you are interested in working on the projects during the Fall 2020 semester, please follow the steps in the "Getting Started" Section below. Any questions can be emailed to Don Brower (

Getting Started—All Annotators

Once you have confirmed with your current ND UltraTime supervisor that you are cleared to begin working on this project, please follow the steps below to get started!

Create an ORCID (free) OR have your ORCID handy.
Your ORCID will look similar to "0000-0001-7347-546X", but with different numbers.

STEP 2—Set up your account.

  • Go to and choose "log in with ORCID". When it redirects you to ORCID and asks you to sign in and confirm that you want a hasdai account, proceed to do so. 
  • Then it will ask you to confirm your Notre Dame email address. To do this, check your Notre Dame email inbox and confirm your address using the confirmation email you will receive.
  • Then, go back to to sign in and verify your account is working as expected. 

STEP 3Complete the Project Signup Form

STEP 4Accept the invitation to the Google Group when you receive it.
We will send messages about project information, updates, and FAQs via

ND Student Employee Guidelines

  • Time Management
    • These are projects that you can work on flexibly—if you want to work an hour each week day, or 8 hours one day each week, that’s fine—whatever works for you as far as timing and quantity of hours (within any maximum allowable hours constraints).
    • Please remember to abide by any maximum weekly hour caps that are applicable to you.
  • Payroll
    • If after working on the project for a while you decide it is not a fit for you, please email Julie Vecchio and CC your UltraTime supervisor so we know your “end date” for payroll purposes.
    • Student workers are responsible for entering their hours in UltraTime and supervisors must verify the accuracy of the entered hours. If a student worker does not have online access to UltraTime WebTime, this access can be established by contacting Payroll Services at or 631-7575.
    • Your UltraTime supervisor will check UltraTime throughout the week and email with any correction questions so there is plenty of time to ensure payroll is correct before the payroll submission deadline. In addition to double-checking your own UltraTime entries, make sure to check your email throughout the week and reply promptly to any hours-related questions. (It's an automatic system--so if the correct hours aren't in/approved when the system freezes for payroll, there isn't anything that can be done about the affected hours until the next pay period!)
    • General questions about using UltraTime, pay checks, etc.:
    • Questions about a specific payroll entry during a pay period: Julie Vecchio or your UltraTime supervisor if different from Julie