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MGTO 30300 — Business Problem Solving (Harms/Balko)


Understanding Dialysis Patients

The DaVita case has a unique demographic focus on dialysis patients. There are a variety of resources available which help to establish the context of dialysis patients and patients suffering from kidney disease (a major cause of dialysis treatment). These resources will provide insight into trends impacting this patient community, and they may inform potential solutions to reducing their hospitalization rates. They may also more indirectly inform factors which cause increased hospitalization of dialysis patients.

Recommended Resources

Industry Search Tips

Industry research can provide a macrolevel view at a variety of issues facing a particular service field, such as healthcare and hospitals. When looking through industry resources, it is best to maintain a broad search approach. The DaVita case focuses on a specific population (dialysis patients), but industry reports covering hospitals, healthcare, and insurance providers in general will have applicable information. Reports may also lead to information on new technology and service drivers within the medical space. 

Outside of databases such as ABI/INFORM Trade and Industry, which supports more narrow keyword searching, avoid using search language specific to types of treatments, such as dialysis. Opt instead for more general language such as hospitals, medical, healthcare, etc.

Recommended Databases

Dialysis Technology Trends

In pursuing the question of what service/technology recommendations to apply to the DaVita case, it will be a good idea to look into what current trends are being pursued in the healthcare space. Access to market research in this area will be relatively limited, but there are a number of scientific resources documenting trends in this market space as well as a few possibilities in more emerging technology market databases.

Recommended Databases