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EALC 40411/40412 — Fourth-Year Chinese


This course guide assists the students of Fourth-Year Chinese taught by Professor Chengxu Yin in researching for their oral presentation.

It consists of

  • Getting Started
  • Searching for Information: Recommended sources (online newspapers & magazines)
  • Citing Sources: The Modern Language Association (MLA) citation and format style guide from the Purdue University Online Writing Lab.
  • Dictionaries: Online dictionaries, and tools.
  • Useful Expressions: Commonly-used phrases.


Getting Started

I. Fall Semester
II. Spring Semester
- Lesson 1. 中国人的新观念 - Lesson 13. 城市发展与文化传承
- Lesson 2. 美女经济不应过度 - Lesson 16. 言论自由与爱国
- Lesson 3. 手机公害 - Lesson 17. 美国的选举制度与美国民主
- Lesson 5. 网毒猛于虎 - Lesson 21. 高学历失业增多说明什么
- Lesson 7. 中国婚恋新状况 - Lesson 22. 请为女大学生就业铺路
- Lesson 9. 中国第一代独生子女开始谈婚论嫁 - Lesson 23. 挡不住的西潮
- Lesson 10. 他们也有上学的权力 - Lesson 24. 孩子, 你是我亲生的吗
- Lesson 15. 廉价的劳动力不等于廉价的生命 - Lesson 27. 谈谈孝道
  1. Choose a topic from the above lessons.
  2. Analyze the main text to identify potential sub-topics.
  3. Pick a few among the sub-topics that you would like to discuss.
  4. Choose one and write a topic statement. (This can be revised based on information you find during your research.) 
  5. Search for relevant information in the sources below.

Searching for Information

Suggested Sources:

  • People's Daily: the English version of 人民日报, an official newspaper of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.
  • South China Morning Post: Hong Kong's newspaper of record, owned by Alibaba Group.
  • China Daily: the only National English-language newspaper in China, founded in 1981.
  • The New York Times: an American newspaper based in New York City with worldwide influence and readership.

Citing Sources

Use the following guide to cite your sources.