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EALC 40411/40412 — Fourth-Year Chinese


Test your Perapera using the following sentences from Lesson 13.

  1. 要建设一个世界性的城市,可以跨越经济增长的阶段,但不能跨越人文精神的培育和塑造。
  2. 当然, 对城市发展除了要有历史的眼光之外,还应有立足当代的眼光,也就是要用现代意识去激活古老的文化元素,并进一步巧妙融合古今。

Useful Expressions


  • 比方说, [sentence]: for example
  • 以 [noun] 为例: to take [noun] as an example
  • 拿 [noun] 来说/讲: to take [noun] as an example


  • 换句话说: in other words
  • 具体而言 or  具体地说: specifically speaking
  • (也)就是说: that is to say


  • 总而言之 or 总之:  in short
  • 简而言之 or 简言之: to put it briefly

Quoting [a source]

  • 指出: pointed out
  • 声称: claimed
  • 透露: revealed
  • 呼吁: called for
  • 强调指出: emphasized
  • 宣布: declared
  • 暗示: hinted
  • 遗责说: denounced
  • 表示: stated
  • 提议: proposed
  • 承认: admitted
  • 介绍: introduced
  • 重申: reiterated
  • 建议: suggested
  • 否认: denied
  • 补充说: added
  • 断言: stated with certainty
  • 警告说 or 告诫说: warned
  • 反驳说: rejected
  • 相信: believed
  • 认为: thought
  • 解释说: explained
  • 预料: predicted
  • 解释说: explained

*The above expressions are from

Yuan, Boping., and Kan, Qian. Developing writing skills in Chinese. Second edition.., Routledge, 2014.

(cf. Yuan, Boping, and Qian Kan. Developing writing skills in Chinese. Routledge, 2014.)