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Film, Television and Theatre

Physical Media in ND Libraries

Locating Media in Hesburgh Library

DVDs and other video formats are kept in the Lower Level.  Media is shelved in a closed area, not available for physical browsing.  Use the ND Catalog to request a video, which will be delivered to the Self Service Hold Shelf near the north entrance on the main level.  Most materials can be checked out for seven days, or can be viewed with library equipment.

To find media in languages other than English, look down the left side "Refine my results" column for a "Language" section:

Language Facet

Streaming Collections: Library Subscriptions

Includes 750 hours of filmed stage performances, documentaries, and video training materials;  300 audio plays, and 13,500 full-text plays, along with contextualizing materials such as designs.

Streaming Guides

Netflix: Personal Subscriptions

Most Netflix films are available "only for your personal, noncommercial use," according to the Netflix End User License Agreement.  If an individual has a personal subscription to Netflix, the company makes a few dozen of its original documentaries available for wider uses, such as showing in a classroom or to a community group.  To see the list of titles available this way, go to then to "Only on Netflix."  Click on "All Alphabetical" and browse titles.  When viewing a film's details, those that are available for wider uses will include an explicit "Grant of Permission for Educational Screenings."  (As an example, see the title:  13th.)

Specialized DVD Sources