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HIST 13184 — History University Seminar (Pierce)

Course Description

Course Instructor
Photograph of the instructor

Richard Pierce, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
History and Africana Studies

219 O'Shaughnessy Hall
(574) 631-7191


During the semester we will engage in the practice of considering alternatives to historical reality. It is a practice that I rarely tolerate and usually request my students to avoid. We will examine twelve significant events/individuals that were controversial in their day and remain a source of debate in present times.

  • Develop a body of historical knowledge with breadth of time and place
  • Develop the ability to debate orally by presenting your research in a competitive environment
  • The practice of historical investigation and research
  • Be able to write convincingly, yet succinctly
  • Be able to identify and critique differing historical methodologies
  • Be aware of context, including but not limited to, the subject, author, and audience
  • Provide and analytical undergird to causal explanations
  • Perceive and evaluate historical arguments as articulated in secondary sources
  • Analyze a variety of primary sources
  • Be able to provide your informed opinion respecting that others may assess data differently


The Research Process


Gather Reference Resources



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Search the Library Catalog


Gather Peer-reviewed Scholarly Resources