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Korean Studies


This page introduces the Hesburgh Libraries' resources and reliable web-sources that are about the history, politics, and culture of North Korea--the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK).

Cho Kumhee, an independent researcher of North Korean Studies, contributed to this page.

Background Information

North Korea News

Many mainstream news media maintain a page dedicated to North Korea-related news. Below are some examples.

Expert Reports

North Korea's Nuclear Program

DPRK Official Websites

The connection may be slow at times. If any link below does not work, look up the site on the Internet. The website may have been moved. (It occasionally happens with North Korean websites.)

North Korean Publications

Hesburgh Libraries

The Hesburgh Libraries' collection includes English translations of writings by Kim Il-sŏng, and Kim Chŏng-il. To browse, go to Advanced Search and search by place of publication: Pyongyang OR P'yongyang.



Feature films

1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s
피 바다 P'i pada = Sea of blood (1969, Korean only) 학부형 Hakpuhyŏng = A pupil's parents (1971, Korean only) 검은 장미 Kŏmŭn changmi = Black rose (1981, Korean only) 도시처녀시집와요 Tosi ch'ŏnyŏ sijip wayo : Chosŏn yŏnghwa = Urban girl comes to get married (1994, English subtitles) 푸른 주단 우 에서 P'ur'un chudan u esŏ = On the green carpet (2000, English subtitles)​
  꽃파는처녀 Kkot p'anŭn ch'ŏnyŏ = The flower girl (1972, English subtitles) 우리 아래 집 문제 Uri arae chip munje = The problem of our downstairs neighbour (1980, Korean only) 가족롱구선수단 Kajok nonggu sŏnsudan​ = Family basketball team (1998, English subtitles)​ 그들은 제대병사였다 : 조선영화 Kŭdŭl ŭn chedae pyŏngsa yŏtta : Chosŏn yŏnghwa = They were discharged soldiers (2002, Korean only)
  금희 와 은희 의 운명 Kŭm-hŭi wa Ŭn-hŭi ŭi unmyŏng = The fate of Kum Hui and Un Hui. (1974, English subtitles) 사랑 사랑 내 사랑 Sarang, sarang, nae sarang = Love, love, my love (1984, Director: Sin, Sang-ok, Korean only) 줄기 는 뿌리 에서 자란다 Chulgi nŭn ppuri esŏ charanda = Trunks grow from the roots (1998, Korean only) 시대 는 축복 한다 Sidae nŭn ch'ukpokhanda = Times blessing (2004, Korean only)
    명령 027호 Myŏngnyŏng 027-ho = Order no. 027 (1986, English subtitles)    

British-Belgian-North Korean Co-Production

Resources at Other Institutions

Some materials might be available through the Hesburgh Libraries' Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery. For purchase suggestions, contact the East Asian Studies Librarian (