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Korean Studies


This guide, created by Cho Kumhee, an independent researcher of North Korean Studies, introduces well-known historical and literary sources (books, movies, and websites) about the Korean War (1950-1953). The list is based on the significance and availability of sources, and not intended to be comprehensive.

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Korean War, Causes of

Background Information



Feature Films

Produced in North Korea

Produced in South Korea



Short Stories

Korean English
황순원, <> (1953) Hwang Sun-wŏn, "Cranes" (translated by David R. McCann)
오상원, <유예> (1955) O Sang-won, "Respite" (translated by Kim Chong-un)
윤흥길 <장마> (1973) Yun Hŭng-gil "The rainy spell" (translated by Sŏ Chi-mun)


Korean English
박완서, 『나목』 (1970) Pak Wan-sŏ, The naked tree (translated by Yu Young-nan)
황석영, 『손님』 (2001) Hwang Sŏg-yŏng, The guest (translated by Kyung-Ja Chun and Maya West)
안정효, 『은마』 (2012) An Chŏng-hyo, Silver Stallion : a novel of Korea
김은국, 『순교자』 (2010) Richard Kim, The martyred 
Ha Jin, War trash (2004)
최인훈 『광장』(1985) Ch'oe In-hunThe square (translated by Kim, Sŏng-gon)
이호철,  『남녘 사람 북녁[녘] 사람』 (2002) Yi Ho-ch'ŏl, Southerners, northerners (translated by Andrew Killick and Cho Suk-yeon)
김원일, 『불의 제전』 (2010)

Primary sources

For  additional information on primary sources (official documents, newspapers, etc.) available through the Hesburgh Libraries and online, see Korean War, Causes of by Dr. Doug Archer, the subject librarian for Peace Studies, Global Affairs and Political Science.