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Managing Compliance with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Public Access Policy

Making Data Available

The NIH Public Access Policy has data requirements both before and after your grant is approved.

Before: Your proposal must include a Data Management Plan (DMP), which will describe how research data will be preserved, made accessible generated by the research.

After: Your research data must be placed in a digital repository named in your DMP. CDC is looking at many options for for recommending where to house research data, leveraging existing CDC infrastructure and exploring other options. According to the NIH public access plan, "NIH will expect funded researchers to deposit data in appropriate, existing, publicly accessible repositories before considering other means of making data available. Researchers will be expected to describe any use of data repositories in their data management plans."

Check back soon for more details.

Data Repositories

The University of Notre Dame's institutional repository, CurateND, may be able to house your research data. Contact the Data Management Consulting Team to find out what your options are for archiving your data and making it accessible.