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Russian and East European Studies

Overview of Russian and East European Studies

This guide is for students working on a topic related to Russia, the former USSR, and Eastern Europe. Please use contact information on the left to get in touch with me if you need help finding resources pertaining to your research.

When searching for materials in Cyrillic languages it helps to search in the original language and in transliteration. Many databases, including the library catalog and WorldCat use Library of Congress transliteration system. When searching for materials in Latin-alphabet languages which use diacritics, it helps to perform searches both with and without diacritics.


Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

Dictionaries are most often collections of words in one or more specific languages, usually arranged in alphabetical order, providing information like word meanings, usage, etymology, and, when they contain more than one language, translations. Some dictionaries include information more commonly found in encyclopedias.  Encyclopedias are collections of information on terms, figures, eras, locations also arranged alphabetically, and, alongside definitions of terms, they also include more in-depth general information on a topic. Encyclopedias can be general or subject-specific.