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With Voices True: Oral History Toolkit

Project Elements

Selected interviews will be securely and permanently stored by the University Archives through the use of a Digital Preservation System (DPS). The DPS requires that any information ingested be stored in an Archival Information Package (AIP). An archivist will create an AIP for each interview that is included in the With Voices True Collection. The AIP will be built from the project elements submitted by students.

The following elements must be included within each package:

  1. Interview Content/Files
  2. Release Forms
  3. Transcriptions
  4. Metadata Template

Students are asked to complete and submit each project element by uploading them into a designated folder found within the With Voices True shared drive. Students are given access to a designated folder after interviews have been selected. Once the folder contains all the project elements, those files will be transferred to the University Archives and prepared for ingest by the DPS.