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With Voices True: Oral History Toolkit

What is Metadata?

Metadata is defined as "data about data." It describes and provides context to the interviews and promotes accessibility and discoverability of content on digital platforms and the larger web.

For this project, there are three types of metadata:

Descriptive Metadata: may include elements such as title, author, date, description, interviewer, and interviewee, location and keywords. Descriptive metadata provides context, and supports access and discoverability of content within larger discovery platforms. 

Rights Metadata: includes information relating to how the digital file can be use, reproduced or published. Rights metadata may include information relating to copyright or statute-based restrictions, restrictions imposed by institutional policies and guidelines, as well as other conditions governing use.

Technical Metadata: includes the technical attributes of any digital asset which help archivists manage born-digital content over time. Technical metadata may include information on the hardware and/or software used to create the asset, format and technical specifications of the file, as well as information pertaining to the structural and preservation integrity of a digital object. 

How to complete the Metadata Template

Download the template as an excel spreadsheet.

Complete all highlighted fields.

Use the following naming convention:


Required Fields

Students should fill out the required fields within the template. Those fields are listed below and highlighted within the template. Students will only find required fields in the Descriptive Metadata tab and the Technical Metadata tab. 

Descriptive Metadata

Field Name Example Data
Creator Mustermann, Max
Contributor Smith, Jane
Title Interview with Jane Smith
Date Created 2019-04-08
Location/Sublocation University of Notre Dame, Legends of Notre Dame
City Notre Dame
State/Province Indiana
Country United States
Country Code USA
Language English
Format Video and Audio
Subject Keywords Detroit | Midtown | Gentrification | Microagressions | Transracial Adoption
Description Jane Smith, a Notre Dame student, speaks with Max Mustermann about her upbringing in Detroit and transition to hall life on campus. This interview is part of With Voices True, the Klau Center Archive on Race at the University of Notre Dame. Interviews were conducted by students from the John W. Gallivan Program in Journalism, Ethics, and Democracy.
Description Writer Mustermann, Max
Biographical Note 1 ...
Biographical Source 1 Mustermann, Max
Biographical Note 2 ...
Biographical Source 2 Mustermann, Max

Technical Metadata

Field Name Example Metadata
Video Equipment JVC ProHD GY-HM150U, Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019

Audio Equipment DR-40 TASCAM, Audacity 2.3.1