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American Studies

Overview of American Studies

Welcome to the research guide for American Studies. Here you will find print and online resources that will help you in your research. It will also offer suggestions for how to search for print and electronic holdings at Hesburgh Libraries. Although not possibly comprehensive, it serves as a place to begin your research. 

Related subjects include: Africana StudiesArchives and Archival ResourcesEnglish Language and LiteratureFilm, Television, and TheatreGovernment Information, and the United States and Canada History guide. 

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

Here you will find dictionaries and encyclopedias that cover American Studies in general. For topical dictionaries and encyclopedias (on race and ethnicity, class, gender and sexuality, environmental history, and religion and irreligion) see Resources by Topic.

News and Popular Press

Popular press resources (like newspapers and magazines) listed here are non-scholarly sources that describe contemporary events and offer opinion. For historical news sources, see "Primary Sources--Historical Newspapers"

Bibliographies and Guides

Bibliographies collect publication information for books, articles, and other resources on a particular subject. Some include annotations with additional details about the publications' contents. They have a narrower focus, covering a topic, movement, person, geographic location, or era. 


Biography provides a description of a person's life,  detailing the basic facts like birth and death, education, family background, etc. but also portraying the individual subject's experience of those life events. 

Data and Statistics


US Government Sources