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American Studies

Full-text Online Collections

Full-text collections include complete texts from a particular literary genre, time period, or covering a particular subject. For more resource, see the "Resources by Topic" page.
Good places to start include:

Colonial America and the Early Republic

The Nineteenth Century

The Twentieth Century


See also the "Resources by Topic" page.

Historical Newspapers

See also the Journalism and Newspapers guides. 

Image and Multimedia Collections

These resources aid in locating images of works of art or other artifacts, films, scores, and records of artistic or musical performances. See the Art, Art History, and Design LibGuide for more information on locating images.

State Papers

Presidents' Papers and Transcripts

Colonial America and the Early Republic

The Twentieth Century



Periodical Literature


Archival Collections

Primary Resources can be found as part of physical (as opposed to digital) collections. They are often stored in archives, which can be stand-alone institutions or parts of libraries or museums.
See the Archives and Archival Resources guide for information on how to search for archival collections and use them effectively (including things to consider before you go). 

Places to look for Archival Collections

Archives on Campus

Nearby Archives

South Bend
Chicagoland (and beyond)