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Students, staff, and faculty in the Mendoza College of Business have access to books within the Mahaffey business library as well as the larger Hesburgh Libraries system. When starting your research, books can be a perfect way to refine your understanding of a topic. Books can provide broad general overviews of numerous topics in business disciplines. They are also a great resource for gauging the amount of research within a field and the viability of pursuing a topic. 

Finding Books

Interlibrary Loan

If you have searched for a particular book in the library catalog, and you are unable to find it, you can request the book via an interlibrary loan. This will request that another library send us a copy of the book on your behalf free of charge. 

If we don't have the book you are looking for, and you'd like to try an interlibrary loan request, you can begin the request process here

Scholarly Articles

Scholarly articles are excellent resources for conducting research within the field of business. While they lack the speed of publication of more popular news, magazines, trade publications, or working papers, they provide information that is generally considered the highest level of credibility on a wide range of topics. Additionally, they generally provide access to bibliographies citing their sources which can serve as a gateway to a comprehensive understanding of a more specific area of study.

Popular Scholarly Article Databases