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Overview of the Business Library

The Thomas Mahaffey Jr. Business Library is located on the lower level of the Mendoza College of Business. As a branch of the Hesburgh Libraries, the Mahaffey Business Library serves the information needs of Mendoza as well as the wider university community. At the Mahaffey Business Library, we provide specialized research support, personalized user instruction, industry leading business databases, and a space for business researchers to collaborate. 

This page highlights popular and frequently used resources that may help with starting a research project. If you are looking for a specific database, please access the All Business Resources, A-Z page of this guide, or ask a business librarian to determine if it is available. 

Related subjects include: Accounting, Finance, Management and Organization, Information Technology, Analytics, and Operations, and Marketing

News Resources

News resources such as newspapers and magazines are an excellent source of basic facts and opinions which benefit greatly from the speed at which they are published. The Mahaffey Business Library provides access to a number of news databases that provide access to most major news publications such as the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.


Directory Resources

Directories are organized collections of information, and typically are lists of information about people, places, and their organizational connections. In the subject of business, they are often used to gather background information on companies, their histories, locations, and executive makeup. If you are searching for a job with a particular company, directories provide an excellent place to start to gather information for an impressive interview.

Directory Databases

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Dictionaries and encyclopedias are an excellent source of background information in various business disciplines. The language used in the business disciplines can often seem overwhelming. If you are ever unsure about certain business jargon you saw in a class, or there is an acronym you have not heard before, a dictionary or encyclopedia can help you clarify its meaning. 

Recommended Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

  • Doyle, Charles (2011). A Dictionary of Marketing. Oxford University Press.

    • Features authoritative definitions covering all major terminology within the subject of Marketing and its subfields.

  • Dubofsky, Melvyn. (2013). The Oxford Encyclopedia of American Business, Labor, and Economic History. Oxford University press.

    • Features information on key concepts, institutions, events, and individuals that have shaped the history of business, labor, and economics from a historical perspective.

  • Duignan, John. (2016). A Dictionary of Business Research Methods. Oxford University Press.

    • Features authoritative definitions of terms, approaches, and techniques in conducting business research. This resource covers research design, quantitative and qualitative methods, data collection and analysis, and reporting research findings.

  • Kolb, Robert W (2018). The SAGE Encyclopedia of Business Ethics and Society. Sage Publications, Inc.

    • Provides general information on the inherent unity between business ethics, business, and society that stems from their shared primary concern with value in commerce.

  • Law, Jonathan (2009). A Dictionary of Business Management. Oxford University Press.

    • Features authoritative definitions covering all major terminology within the subject of Business Management and its subfields.