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MGTO 30300 — Business Problem Solving (Harms/Balko)


Resources on this page will provide insights from potential data oriented projects centering around customer data. As this case makes use of Python/R programming skills, be sure to rely primarily on the data and sample resources provided by the case. Materials found here may help to inform recommendations based on your analysis. 

Recommended Resources

Resources on this page will offer insight into the topic of data storytelling. There are numerous potential applications of data storytelling across academic disciplines. As such, it is beneficial to keep an open mind toward more general topics in data storytelling as a whole. Books are an excellent resource for this sort of purpose as they tend to provide general overviews of concepts that can be applied across multiple contexts. Databases also serve to provide shorter articles on more specific topics in data storytelling in the event you wish to investigate even further. 

Recommended Books

Recommended Databases

There are a number of different strategies companies may take when it comes to marketing their products or conducting promotion campaigns. Research in this area often clusters around specific promotion campaigns which are analyzed for their effectiveness. There are a few places where you can more generally find this type of research.

Recommended Resources