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MGTO 30300 — Business Problem Solving (Harms/Balko)

Deloitte Spring (2024)

Getting started

The purpose of this page is to highlight resources that will be helpful in researching aspects of the hotels and hospitality industry in relation to the Deloitte Business Problem Solving Case. For this case, you are being provided sample data from Deloitte which should serve as the primary driver of your groups decision making. On this case page, you will find more contextual supplementary information to potentially make your recommendations and research stand out.

Outside of researching the general industry, consider looking into competing companies in the industry to gain insight into how current market conditions are impacting their brands. Also consider some of the unique aspects of this case when beginning your research.

  • Working within the context of a merger and brand expansion.

  • Current trends in the hotels industry.

  • The legal environment of a change in legislation impacting the hotel industry.

    • Consider searching Google for records of laws passed pertaining to vacation rental properties at the state level (e.g. Florida)

Beyond the contents of this guide, be sure to also look into the web sites of both successful and unsuccessful companies in the hotel industry to take away key lessons of their successes, failures, and generate ideas for focusing your specific recommendations. Even just taking a look at Deloitte's website may help you get some context into your role in this case!

Suggested Key Terms

  • Hotels

  • Hospitality

  • Motels

  • Inns

  • Resorts

  • Merger

  • Acquisition

  • "consumer behavior" OR "consumer preferences"

Industry Searching

Industry research can provide a macro-level view of a variety of issues facing a particular service field. The databases recommended on this page provide expert analysis reports on the hotel and hospitality industry as well as several related industries. Utilize multiple resources from multiple databases to construct the most comprehensive understanding of the industry environment.

Recommended Databases

Market and Consumer Searching

The resources on this page specifically focus on the topics of market research and consumer behavior. These resources may be useful in identifying target consumers for a hotel brand. You may also be able to identify the level of market saturation for competing hotels in regions.

Recommended Resources

Searching News and Media

The databases recommended on this page provide access to popular and business newspapers and publications. These databases support keyword searching, and you can generally construct narrow search strings to retrieve very specific sets of results. News sources can often be a good place to get a general pulse on an industry if you structure a targeted search well.

  • hotels AND trends AND industry

  • (hotels OR hospitality OR motels) AND regulation

Recommended Databases