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LAW 73135 — Cyberlaw Seminar (Bellia): CRS Reports

CRS Reports

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) is the non-partisan public policy research arm of the United States Congress.

The purpose of a report is to clearly define the issue in the legislative context.  CRS reports are considered in-depth, accurate, objective, and timely.  They are great starting points for research on a wide variety of topics, past and present. Reports often provide pro and con positions, overviews, statistics and analysis.

The types of CRS reports include Issue Briefs (IB), Research Memos (RM), and Reports (R) which appear in both Short (RS) and Long (RL) formats.


  • Search for CRS Reports (1916 - Present)
    • ProQuest Congressional provides a comprehensive database of CRS Reports from 1916-Present.















  • Richard J. Campbell, Electric Grid Cybersecurity (Cong. Research Serv., CRS Report for Congress Order Code R45312, Sept. 04, 2018).




Rita Tehan, Cybersecurity: Federal Government Authoritative Reports and Resources (Cong. Research Serv., CRS Report for Congress Order Code R44427, Nov. 13, 2017).


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A recent CRS Report on Digital Privacy & related issues.