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MGTO 30670 — Crisis Communication (McKendree)

Finding Books

Why Books?

Books can be an excellent starting places when beginning research on a topic. They tend to be more general than database articles, and they are great for establishing definitions on a given topic. In particular, the Hesburgh Libraries offer access to a variety of handbooks and general books on crisis communication and management in both physical and e-book formats.

Finding Books

To find books, use the Onesearch search available at the main library website. Try the following search string to start: "crisis management" OR "crisis communication". Once the search is complete, filter your results on the left hand side to show eBooks and/or books. You can further narrow your results on the left hand side of the search screen to focus the search closer to particular topics. This is also a handy way to know off hand if there is a lot of research on particular topic as you can see very quickly how many sources are available. If you are turning up very few, or no results, consider modifying your search string or approaching your topic in a different way.

Example of an eBook at the Library

  Frandsen, F., & Johansen, Winni. (2020). Crisis Communication. Berlin : De Gruyter Mouton.

  Schwarz, A., Seeger, Matthew W, & Auer, Claudia. (2016). The handbook of international crisis communication research. Wiley Blackwell.