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MGTO 30670 — Crisis Communication (McKendree)

Business Articles

Search Tips

When searching for information on crisis communication, consider the audience of the database you are searching in addition to the alternate terms related to crisis communication. For example, crisis management may sometimes be referred to as risk management, and searching both of these terms may return a larger pool of results depending on what database you are in. To help generate more keyword ideas, try to locate the thesaurus of a database which is usually located either on the top ribbon of the search page, or in the advanced search section of a database. 

Possible Keywords

  • "crisis management"

  • "crisis communication"

  • "disaster management"

  • "disaster planning"

  • "disaster recovery"

  • "risk management"

  • company names

  • industry names

  • names of modern crisis events (e.g. COVID-19, BP Deepwater oil spill, hurricanes, tsunamis, etc.)

Sample Searches

  • "crisis managment" AND "social media"

  • ("crisis management" OR "disaster planning" OR "risk management") AND oil

Databases and Resources