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CSEM 23012 — Immortality

Course Overview

The Notre Dame College Seminar stresses oral communication over writing.  We will, of course, do some writing, but the lion’s share of your assessed work will involve discussion and non-written communication.  For our purposes, oral communication is understood broadly, so as to include informed discussion, active and attentive listening, performance, presentation, interviewing, and debate.  

Assignments Include:

  • One written discussion starter, of approximately 300-500 words.  A discussion starter presents the key points of the day’s reading or viewing in order to frame our seminar discussion.  Often, but not always, this will include a review of the relevant video presentation by Kagan. 
  • Each discussion starter must have a discernible thesis, either exegetical or critical.  
  • Discussion starters will be distributed to all seminar participants no later than 17.00 two days before the discussion in question.  No late submissions will be accepted.
  • One class presentation of a passion outside of the public domain.  We will discuss what this involves viva voce.
  • On-going, engaged, and informed participation in seminar discussion.  
  • Fluent, informed responses to questions put in an oral final examination.