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Hesburgh Libraries Hackathon (latest)


These are your Hesburgh Libraries Hackathon judges. Judges are selected from across campus and bring a range of skills and perspectives to the judging process.

Karla Badillo-Urquiola

Clare Boothe Luce Assistant Professor
Computer Science and Engineering

Ashlee Bird

Assistant Professor
American Studies

Danielle' McGhee

Web and Digital User Experience Librarian
Hesburgh Libraries

Amanda Gray Perry

Web and Digital User Experience Librarian
Hesburgh Libraries

Erik Runyon

Technical Director
Notre Dame Creative

Judging Criteria

Each category has a weighted percentage that will be used to calculate the final score for each team.

Category Weight Description
Innovation 30% The project should take a unique, interesting, and creative approach to solving the problem(s) identified by this year's theme. This criterion looks at novel or cutting-edge methods for user interaction, data manipulation and presentation, and use of new technology.
Impact 30% The proposed solution should have a significant impact in solving technological challenges posed by the theme of that year's hackathon. For example, solutions should aim to significantly improve the way users organize, communicate, schedule, or manage information, resources, or people.
Usability 15% Usability represents ease-of-use in engaging with content and services. The project should exemplify the highest standards of intuitive and elegant User Experience Design (UX). The project should easily, pleasantly, safely, and elegantly help users.
Technical Merit 15% The application was technically challenging to construct, requiring strong programming skills from the team. The team made wise choices in selecting conventional but creative components and libraries to construct the app. The complexity and elegance of the back-end matches the front-end.
Presentation 10% Through the final presentation, the team should clearly communicate the value of the project. The final product presentation should be professional, well-structured, and a meaningful exploration of the final product — not only what it can do but how it will benefit users.



The three main prizes for the Hesburgh Hackathon are awarded to teams who excel in all of the criteria on the judging rubric. 

Prize Award
First Prize $3,000
Second Prize $2,000
Third Prize $1,000
Honorable Mention * $500
Honorable Mention * $500

* Judges may use their discretion in awarding up to 2 additional prizes under the category of Honorable Mention. Winners of the first-, second-, and third-place prizes are not eligible for these prizes. These prizes are awarded to teams who may not have excelled in a majority of the criteria of the judging rubric but who may have shown exceptional skill in one criterion.