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Irish Language and Literature

Overview of Subject

In this guide you will find information on the most useful places in the Hesburgh Libraries and in the online world for learning Irish and for studying Irish literature. 

Most Irish language books in the Hesburgh Library are in the PB area which is on the eighth floor. Many online articles may be found on JSTOR. This guide lists many other ways to find texts, critical works and information. Please remember that the Irish Studies Librarian and your professors are available to offer help and guidance.

Other Notre Dame Links:

News and Media / Nuacht agus na Meáin

Popular press such as TV, radio, newspapers and newsblogs and magazines are all useful for learning of current events and opinions. They are a great way to practice and improve reading and listening skills in Irish.  

Dictionaries and Grammars

There are multiple copies of the three major print dictionaries, Dinneen, de Bhaldraithe and Ó Dónaill, in the circulating shelves, and so it is possible to borrow a library copy to have beside you as an aid to your work. 

Language-Learning Resources

The library collections include various resources for learning Irish, and both free and subscription resources are available online. 

Mango Languages is avaiable through InsideND. See the CSLC page for information.

Books and Audio in the Library or the CSLC:


These are sources of biographies of Irish people, or of people associated with Irish language and literature. See also the library catalog and journal collections such as JSTOR. Newspaper obituaries are also good sources of biographical information.