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Article Databases

Databases are multidisciplinary collections of scholarly resources. Most databases gather links to and citations for scholarly articles, although some contain additional information on books and other resources.

Tips for searching for articles:

  • Use the "Advanced Search" feature in these databases to filter out book/concert reviews and articles in specific languages.
  • Use wildcards or truncate: If you use an asterisk (*) you can get all variants of a word. Searching symphon* will provide results of symphony, symphonies and symphonic- every word that starts with the letters before the asterisk. Using a question mark(?) in the middle of the world will return words that have any letter in that space: a search of wom?n will return both woman and women. 
  • After choosing an article you want to read, click the  button at the top left of the record page in order to locate the article in print at our library or in another online database. If there isn't a "Find Text" option, the article may still be available. Try searching the catalog normally for the title.


Bibliographies & Discographies

Bibliographies collect publication information for books, articles, and other resources on a particular subject. Some include annotations with additional details about the publications' contents. They have a narrower focus, covering a topic, movement, person, geographic location, or era. 

Theses and Dissertations