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Nigeria: Post-Colonial History, Politics, Life and Culture

Features information sources most likely to contain descriptions and analysis of contemporary Nigerian society


While West African history and culture have not been areas of major study at Notre Dame in the past, the Hesburgh Libraries do have and are collecting many resources that will be of value in such study.  These include general purpose and subject specific databases for scholarly, popular, and journalistic publications; collections of government publications and monographs on general and specific themes related to Nigeria.

Getting Started

Themes and Issues


  • To retrieve a "country report"
    • Select "Nigeria" from dropdown menu.
    • Select "Download PDF" option.
    • Select "Select."

Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Handbooks, Guides, etc.

General Interest

Peace & Conflict


Other Issues

Statistics and Data Sets

Atlases and Maps


Print Atlases

The Hesburgh Libraries have atlases for almost any subject you might need.  They are listed in the NDCatalog and located in the:

  • Hesburgh Library Reference Collection in Oversized Cases
  • Hesburgh Library General Collection (Lower Level) in the G 1000s
  • Kellogg Kroc Library (318 Hesburgh Center) - duplicates of titles in the Hesburgh Library
  • Please note that some atlases are not in the G (geography / atlas) classification.  They may be found in the General Collection.