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Nigeria: Post-Colonial History, Politics, Life and Culture

Features information sources most likely to contain descriptions and analysis of contemporary Nigerian society



Article Databases

Databases are multidisciplinary collections of scholarly resources. Most databases gather links to and citations for scholarly articles, although some contain additional information on books and other resources.  The print versions of the databases were often called "indexes."

Multidisciplinary, All Purpose Databases (including scholarly and popular publications).

Multidisciplinary Scholarly Databases -- Best Bets

Multidisciplinary Scholarly Databases -- Other

Selected Single Discipline Databases Relevant for Nigeria

-- Anthropology

--- Education

--- Gender / Women's Studies

--- Health & Medicine

--- History

--- Law

--- Political Science

--- Religion / Theology

--- Sociology

Gray Literature / Unpublished Scholarship


Bibliographies collect publication information for books, articles, and other resources on a particular subject. Some include annotations with additional details about the publications' contents. They have a narrower focus, covering a topic, movement, person, geographic location, or era. 

  • Political science
  • African studies
  • Anthropology
  • Geography
  • Sociology

Theses and Dissertations