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Research Data Services

Management of Intellectual Property and Ethical Conduct

The University of Notre the exclusive right to all intellectual property arising from University research. Creators of intellectual property have an obligation to disclose intellectual property in the manner prescribed within this policy, to assign intellectual property rights to the University, and to assist the University in legally protecting the intellectual property. The University and the creator share in any royalty income resulting from the intellectual property as described in this policy.

The Office of the Vice President for Research, through its Research Compliance Program administers the Intellectual Property policy for the University. See the Research Compliance site for more information.

Sharing Data Collected from Other Sources

Data from Library-provided Databases

Most databases to which the Hesburgh Libraries subscribe are licensed and carry restrictions on use, but many do permit educational and research use, which allows for sharing limited portions of data.

For more information on terms of use for databases licensed by the Libraries, please complete the Online Resource Comments Form.