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Research Data Services

Why Make Your Data Citable?

  • Without evidential data, nearly all research is simply a collection of un-supported assertions.
  • In addition, many data have value beyond their original purpose, either as validation / reproducibility activity or as aggregated subunits of larger datasets.
  • There is also increasing evidence that multidisciplinary reuse of data is occurring more often.
  • In all these cases, datasets become valuable research objects and constituents of professional impact.

Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs)

DOIs (digital object identifiers) are widely used in scientific publishing to cite journal articles. They are persistent unique number combinations that can also provide long-term links to data sets. CurateND will assign DOIs for your works. Check for this feature for any repositories you are exploring.

ORCID Author Identifier

Author identifiers provide a way to reliably connect your name with your work throughout your career, providing a means to:

  • Distinguish between you and other researchers with similar names
  • Link together your works even if your name has changed 
  • Make it easy for your research output to be discovered by funders, other researchers, and administrative units

Notre Dame is a member organization of ORCID. However, ORCID IDs are not tied to specific institutions or organizations—your ORCID ID can follow you throughout your career.

Instructions for Creating Your Account
1 Visit the ORCID Sign-in Page
2 Click institutional account to get started
3 Select University of Notre Dame
4 Click Register for an ORCID ID
5 Complete the form fields
6 Click Register

Citing Data