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MSMG 60415 — Strategic Communication (Gibbons)


These databases are the best for helping you find company-specific information. They may supply the information needed to help answer the questions you are to consider for your Speaking Assignment about a publicly traded company's revenue strategy.

  • What is the company’s value proposition? 
  • Is the market for their products or services growing, mature, or declining?
  • What is their strategy for securing additional or at least stable market share?
  • What is their capital financing strategy? 
  • What do you (or experts) see as the risks and opportunities in the current business model?

In addition to an explanation of their revenue strategy, you need to describe the marketspace in which they compete.

Company Profiles

A company profile includes basic information like location, contact information, basic financials, a brief history of the company, and industry codes. There are often links within the company's profile to other, more substantive information about them such as a SWOT analysis, analysts reports, etc. 


SWOT Analyses

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats! A SWOT analysis is a great resource that gives you a quick overview of a company's strategic situation. Business Insights: Essentials offers SWOTs for public companies. Business Source Complete offers SWOTs for public and some private companies. Be sure to search both resources as they each source SWOT analyses from different publishers. You may find one resource has a SWOT available while the other does not. Do note that there are instances in which there is not a SWOT analysis for your company, and in this case you may have to put in some extra legwork to research and create your own!