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Aggregator databases 

  • contain many different newspapers, often along with other types of news sources for legal, business and political coverage;
  • coverage varies: from news that is current-day, to a few days, months, or even years in the past. Some have coverage that reaches as far back as the early twentieth century; in most cases, however, coverage goes back no further than the 1970s;
  • content is often rendered as HTML text (without original formatting or illustrations)

​Factiva and Nexis Uni

These databases hold many newspapers and news sources, which may be searched by title. 

  • In Factiva, click on Search in the top menu. A Free Text Search will open; go to All Sources and click on the + to chose the region and locality you want, down to the title. Click on the blue triangle to insert that publication's search code into the search field. Click Search. If no results are returned it means the library's subscription does not include that newspaper. 
  • To search by title in Nexis Uni, click on the downward red arrow following the "All Nexis Uni" command. Enter your title into the search box (e.g., "New Zealand Herald"). As you type, sources will auto-fill in below the search box.  

News Aggregators