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Company Information

Resource on this page provide information on the organizational makeup, leadership, and financial performance of companies. When searching for company information, it is important to note whether or not the company of interest is private, public, or non-profit. This will greatly impact the search strategy for your research as public companies generally provide a greater access to their internal workings due to their SEC filing obligations. Most company profile databases will provide direct access to a company's annual filings, earnings reports, shareholder meeting transcripts, and other documents submitted to the SEC. Private companies lack these reports, and information around them is more often based around tracking private equity and venture capital deals in addition to estimates based on expert or insider analysis. For Private Company research, PitchBook is an excellent place to conduct your research. 

Company web sites are also an excellent source of information. If you have a specific company, searching the name of the company followed the by phrase investor relations in Google will often bring up an investor relations platform with a lot of news, announcement, and financial information for a company. Note that not all companies provide this.

Recommended Resources