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MARK 20100/MDMK 20100/BASC 20250 — Foundations of Marketing (Olsen)

Industry Analysis

Resources on this page provide access to macrolevel industry reports analyzing various aspects of industries under which a product will be classified. When searching for industry information, it is best to identify the broadest category area under which a product falls (e.g. a tennis racket would be considered sports equipment). This will give you a report on companies and products of a similar categorization. Topics included in these reports which will heavily influence recommendations in your strategic marketing plan are as follow:

  • Competitive Environment - Major companies and the percentage of the market they own.
  • Segmentation - Major product categories and their performance within an industry.
  • External Macro Level factors - Legal, economic, and political issues facing an industry. Factors that makeup the context in which your business or product operates.
  • Supply Chain and Collaborators - How are products created and acquired within the industry? Which industries cooperate in this process? Useful information for pricing.

Recommended Resources