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French Language and Literature

French-language Newspapers & Magazines

You can access French-language newspapers and magazines through three of our news databases, Factiva, Nexis Uni, and Access World News (listed below). A link is provided for accessing each database, along with a list of the French-language titles that are available within that database.

Direct links to French Newspapers

The following links provide direct access to specific French-language newspapers on the newspaper website.

While the newspaper websites will likely be more user-friendly, they may restrict access to older content or even specific sections or articles of their websites. Factiva, Nexis Uni, and Access World News will provide you with more comprehensive coverage and more advanced search options, but they are both text-based resources which will limit your ability to browse.


French News Podcasts

In addition to the newspaper links listed above, you can also learn more about news in the francophone world by following French-language radio stations or listening to podcasts.