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French Language and Literature

Article Databases

Databases are multidisciplinary collections of scholarly resources. Most databases gather links to and citations for scholarly articles, although some contain additional information on books and other resources.

Ebook Collections

Hesburgh Libraries has access to the following ebook collections available from Classiques Garnier :

Littérature française
Littératures francophones
Linguistique, lexicographie, langue

Note: Some works on the Classiques Garnier platform may be available for preview, even though we do not have a subscription for them. If you are interested in a subscription to this preview-only content, please contact me at



Finding Books: Catalogs to Search


Bibliographies collect publication information for books, articles, and other resources on a particular subject. Some include annotations with additional details about the publications' contents. They have a narrower focus, covering a topic, movement, person, geographic location, or era. 

Theses and Dissertations