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Ireland on Film

Irish films, films about Ireland and films relating to Ireland and the Irish. This guide includes films in the Media Collection of the Hesburgh Libraries, and information on the related book collections.

DVDs for Irish Studies

For information on any DVD, please check the Library Catalog.

DVDs: Alphabetical list of feature films

The Abduction Club. D 06390 FGN

Albert Nobbs. D 09680

Angel. D 04115 FGN

Angela's Ashes. D 05549

Barry Lyndon. D 04387

Blackwater Lightship. D 02906

Bloom. D 06294

Borstal Boy. D 06526

The Boys and Girl from County Clare. D 03906

Breakfast on Pluto. D 04111

Budawanny. D 05864 FGN

The Butcher Boy. D 04113

Cal. D 08521

Calvary. D 13649 FGN

Catholics. D 03355

Cinderella Man. D 03723

Circle of Friends D 05409

The Commitments. D 05557

Conspiracy of Silence. D 13343 FGN

Cowboys & Angels. D 03320

Cré na Cille. Graveyard Clay. D 08565

Crush Proof. D 07750

The Crying Game. D 04090

Dancing at Lughnasa. D 05410

Dancing on Dangerous Ground: Dare to Dance.  D 03844

Darby O'Gill and the Little People. D 06813

The Dawning. D 04325

The Dead. D 03788

December Bride. D 10979

Diary of a Debutante. D 04304

The Disappearance of Finbar. D 11254

Evelyn. D 01081

Far and Away. D 03721

The Field. D 06524

Five Minutes of Heaven. D 03651

Flight of the Doves. D 05354 FGN

Gangs of New York. D 06569

The General. D 01235

Goldfish Memory. D 09314

The Guard. D 09254

The Hanging Gale. D 06997

Hidden Agenda. D 04649

Hunger. D 04777 / D 04776 FGN (second copy)

In Bruges.  D 04935

The Informer. D 03113

Intermission. D 02173

In the Name of the Father. D 06525

Irish Destiny. D 03845

Juno and the Paycock. D 11244

Kings. D 02071

Lamb. D 11113

The Last September. D 08063

The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne. D 08427

Long Good Friday. D 04760

A Love Divided.  D 11242

The Magdalene Sisters. D 05215

Man of Aran. D 03090

The Matchmaker and Mickybo & Me. D 03972 FGN

Michael Collins. D 04117

Mise Éire. D 05144

Moondance. D 03840

Nothing Personal. D 05461

Odd Man Out. D 13887

Once. D 01547

One Man's Hero. D 03712

Ordinary Decent Criminals. D 05460

Parked. D 11692

Philadelphia, Here I Come. D 05858

Philomena. D 12843

Playboy of the Western World. D 03815

A Prayer for the Dying. D 03687

Poitín. D 05862

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. D 06844

The Quiet Man. D 03174

The Real Charlotte. D 00880

Resurrection Man. D 02923 FGN

Ryan's Daughter. D 04498

The Secret of Kells. D 05128

The Secret of Roan Inish. D 06333

Sensation. D 13345 FGN

Shadow Dancer. D 13560

Shake Hands with the Devil. D 12408 FGN

Skunk Fu! The Art of Monkey Launching. D 12724

The Snapper. D 03164

Some Mother's Son. D 00925

Song for a Raggy Boy. D 08033

Song of the Sea. D 13783

Stella Days. D 10846

Strumpet City. D 07019

Turning Green. D 00118 FGN

Ulysses. D 09449

Under the Hawthorn Tree: Children of the Famine.  D 12270

The Van. D 03838 FGN

Veronica Guerin. D 06454

The Wind that Shakes the Barley. D 04646 FGN

DVDs: Documentaries

Politics and History

'71. D 14249

Bloody Sunday. D 03418

Conspiracy of Silence. D 13343 FGN

Haughey: The Complete Series. D. 08681

JFK in Ireland. D 00264

Mickey B. D 08988

Mise Éire D 05144

Omagh. D 07783

One Million Dubliners (Glasnevin Cemetery). D 13829

Saoirse? D 03895

Seven Ages: The Story of the Irish State. D 03841

Some Mother's Son. D 00925

A Time Remembered: The Papal Visit to Ireland. D 03854 FGN

Sunday. D 04751 FGN

A Week of Welcomes: The visits to Ireland of Queen Elizabeth II and President Barack Obama. D 13320

Social and Cultural Documentaries

Blood of the Irish D 12489 FGN

Clann Pobal i mBoston. D 13298

Fly-tipping. D 05866

From a Whisper to a Scream. D 03590

Hands: Irish Archival Craft Films. D 12761

The Making of the Rocky Road to Dublin. D 03843

Men at Lunch / Lón sa Spéir. D 12330

Morris Minor. D 13304

Pavee Lackeen, the Traveller Girl. D 05415 FGN

The Rocker: A Portrait of Phil Lynott. D 06076

The Sound of Sunday: Mícheál Ó Muircheartaigh. D 12862

Tribute to the Dubliners. D 10266 FGN

The Yellow Bittern: The Life and Times of Liam Clancy. D 03295

It Must be Done Right! Donal McCann. D 13046

Waterways: The Royal Canal. D 13344

Come West Along the Road. Volume 1. D 03849

Fair City:20 Years in Carrigstown. D 13488 FGN

The Atlantean Quartet: An Irishman's Search for North-African Roots. D 08565


Bloom University Collection. D 04120

Seamus Heaney: Out of the Marvellous. D 03584

Seamus Heaney: Looking Back. D 03583

John McGahern: A private world. D 03902 FGN

I Created Dracula. D 03377

Oscar Wilde, Spendthrift of Genius D 09868

Samuel Beckett as the Story was Told. D 00907

Beckett on Film. D 00906

Sean O'Casey. Under a Coloured Hat. D 03846

Máirtín Ó Cadhain (1906-1970): Claíocha Arda. D 13895

DVDs: Short Films

Dance Lexie Dance D 04648

Thirty Five Aside D 05413

Seoda: Treasures from the Irish Film Archive. D 08779

Gearrscannáin. D 09421

DVDs: TV Series

Ballykissangel.  D06998, D06999, D07137, D07138, D07139

Bachelors Walk.. D01541

Father Ted. . D 04669

The Tudors. D 07180

Love/ Hate. D 12471

Mattie. D 13404

Mrs. Brown's Boys. D 13536

Sons of Anarchy. D 09276

The Very Best of Hall's Pictorial Weekly. D 07000

DVDs: Drama and Opera

Plays, dramatic performances and operas; films based on plays; and films about plays and playwrights.

Aisling: A Play set in Mythological Ireland. D 03866

Beckett on Film. D 00906

Dancing at Lughnasa. D 05410

Dancing on Dangerous Ground; Dare to Dance. D 03844

DruidSynge: The Plays of John Millington Synge. D 06880

The Field. D 06524

Irish Theatre: O'Casey's Junot and the Paycock. D 03899

Irish Theatre: Raw Bones and Poetry. D 07736

Juno and the Paycock. D 11244

Philadelphia, Here I Come. D 05858

Riders to the Sea D 07944

Tristan und Isolde. D 00281

Tristan und Isolde. D 13407