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Ireland on Film

Irish films, films about Ireland and films relating to Ireland and the Irish. This guide includes films in the Media Collection of the Hesburgh Libraries, and information on the related book collections.

The Peter Heathwood Collection

Peter Heathwood built a personal archive of television news stories and documentaries on the Northern Ireland Conflict, over a 30-year period. His work in indexing the programs is the basis for a large database on the CAIN website.

The Database on the CAIN website contains the following:

  • Most of the major British and Irish documentaries (479), history programmes (51) and current affairs programmes (693) about Northern Ireland networked between 1981 and November 2008.
  • Details of news programmes (4,348) broadcast between May 1981 and January 2005.
  • A few documentaries broadcast between 1969 and 1980, and also some independent videos during the same period.

The Hesburgh Library has a collection of DVD copies of the Heathwood Collection. These DVDs may be used for research in the library.

For more information, please contact the Irish Studies Librarian.