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Peace Studies

A Peace Studies Canon - Journals

Extremely Widely Indexed (Greater than 60 indexes)

Very Widely Indexed (40 to 60 indexes)

Widely Indexed (20 to 40 indexes)

Indexed (Less than 20 indexes)

Note: Several of these titles were begun relatively recently and haven't yet had time to gain widespread recognition.

A Peace Studies Canon - Books

Peace and Peace Studies (General)

Conflict Transformation / Conflict Resolution

International Relations, Institutions, Norms, and Sanctions

Nature of War, Violence, and Conflict

Nonviolence and Pacifism

Peace Movements


Religion and Religions

Religions — General
Religions — Christianity
Religions — Christianity (Just War)

Other Themes

Gender Studies
Regional / Ethnic Studies

Ecology / Sustainability

The Thoreau-Tolstoy-Gandhi-King-Tutu Heritage (Chronological Order)