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LAW 73372 — Federalism Seminar (A.J. Bellia): Current Awareness (including "COVID & Federalism")

This is the one on which I am working.

Current Awareness & Analysis (including "COVID & Federalism")

Bloomberg's The United States Law Week includes content related to constitutional law and federalism.  Weekly summaries and analysis provide an overview of significant federal and state court cases and legislative and administrative developments that establish new legal precedents. Coverage extends to all areas of law, and issues back to June, 1997 are included.


Bloomberg's Legal News page is updated daily and contains a "Circuit Splits Reported" section.


Bloomberg also has an In Focus: Coronavirus (Covid-19) page which includes coronavirus-related resources and guidance for employers and lawyers, including news and analysis on coronavirus legal issues; trackers and charts on Covid-19 legislation and regulations in the United States and internationally; practical guidance on force majeure and coronavirus employment law; federal and state government agency resources; and court dockets.


Similarly Lexis+ has a Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Kit and WestlawEdge has a COVID-19 Legal Materials & News page.


In addition to Bloomberg, Lexis and Westlaw, the following current awareness sources may be helpful.


Constitutional Law Prof Blog
This blog is edited by two law professors.  The blog contains commentary on current issues related to Constitutional Law. 


The SCOTUSblog covers all aspects of the Supreme Court and provides both commentary and resources related to the Court including opinions, briefs, select petitions for certiorari, and news coverage of every merits case before the Court.


Sykes, Jay B., Cong. Rsch. Serv., LSB10469, Federal Authority To Lift or Modify State and Local COVID-19 “Stay-at-Home” Orders: Frequently Asked Questions, CRS Legal Sidebar (2020).


United States Politics and Government – NY Times
This topical page from The New York Times collects news articles about the U.S. government and politics from the Times.


For assistance, please contact the research librarians at the Kresge Law Library by email:

Sample Current Awareness Sources

The United States Law Week 


"Circuit Splits Reported" on Bloomberg Law.


Cong. Rsch. Serv., LSB10469



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