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Irish Studies

Overview of Irish Studies

This guide is for students engaged in interdisciplinary Irish Studies, or working on an topic related to Ireland. Much Irish Studies scholarship is concentrated in literary or historical studies, and so these are prominent in this guide. 

Related subjects include: Anthropology, English Language and Literature, History, European and World, Medieval Studies

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News and Popular Press

Popular press and other current media are are listed here so that students who are not already familiar with Irish media will have some places to explore, and will be able to learn about current issues in Ireland.

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

Dictionaries are most often collections of words in one or more specific languages, usually arranged in alphabetical order, providing information like word meanings, usage, etymology, and, when they contain more than one language, translations. Some dictionaries include information more commonly found in encyclopedias.  Encyclopedias are collections of information on terms, figures, eras, locations also arranged alphabetically, and, alongside definitions of terms, they also include more in-depth general information on a topic. Encyclopedias can be general or subject-specific.

Guides, Handbooks & Finding Aids

Guides and handbooks, either online or paper, help with an overview of a subject. They also serve as a reference for detailed information on a subject. Included here are large anthologies, edited collections of essays on aspects of Irish studies, and general reference, online or on the library shelves. 


Biography provides a description of a person's life,  detailing the basic facts like birth and death, education, family background, etc. but also portraying the individual subject's experience of those life events.