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Medieval Studies

The Collections

  • Astrik L. Gabriel History of Universities Collection

    715E Hesburgh Library

    The Universities Collection reflects Abbot Gabriel's scholarship during his tenure as director of the Medieval Institute and afterwards. The Universities Collection is a unique research center with an impressive collection of books, journals, an extensive group of offprints, photocopies of hard-to-find articles, and pamphlets covering all aspects of medieval education. This is supplemented by Abbot Gabriel's own notes on medieval colleges (especially those in Paris) and his prosopographical file of data on students of Hungarian origin and on students attending Hungarian universities during the medieval and early modern periods.

  • Biblioteca Ambrosiana Microfilm Research Collection

    715F Hesburgh Library

    Based on an agreement reached between His Eminence Giovanni Battista Montini, then the cardinal-archbishop of Milan (later Pope Paul VI), and Reverend Theodore M. Hesburgh, the University president, Notre Dame's Medieval Institute holds microfilms and photographic copies of nearly all of the Latin and vernacular materials and many of those in Greek, Hebrew, and Arabic housed in the great Biblioteca Ambrosiana in Milan.

  • Byzantine and Classics Reference Collection

    Stavros Niarchos Byzantine Studies Reading Room, 714 Hesburgh Library

    The collection reflects the broad interests of Professor Anastos and his conviction that the major sources of Byzantine culture are "the tradition of ancient Greece, the legal and political institutions of pagan Rome, and Christianity," and that this culture's most notable achievements are its art (including architecture), law, and theology.

  • Medieval Studies General Collection

    7th floor stacks

    The Medieval Institute and its library collection provides an amazing resource. The book collection numbers over 100,000 volumes.

  • Medieval Studies Paleography Collection

    715Q Hesburgh Library

    The Paleography Room, in the Medieval Institute on the 7th floor of the Hesburgh Library is a treasure trove of manuscript catalogs.

  • Medieval Studies Reference Collection

    715 Hesburgh Library

    The Medieval Institute Reading Room has a wealth of reference materials essential to the study of the Middle Ages.

  • Near Eastern Reference Collection

    714B Hesburgh Library

    The Medieval Institute's Near East Reading Room has a wealth of reference materials essential to the study of the Middle Ages.