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Medieval Studies

Medieval Institute General Collection

The Medieval Institute General Collection is located in the open stacks area of the seventh floor of the Hesburgh Library, denoted by a red colored tag over the call number label. This collection includes:

  • Translations and editions of works by medieval authors
  • Translations and editions of works by authors who were influential in the Middle Ages, from pre-Christian and Christian antiquity. 
  • Periodicals covering the Middle Ages
  • Important works by modern scholars who are writing about the Middle Ages, especially in the disciplines of Philosophy, Theology, History, Book Culture, and Latin Literature. 
  • Some works on subjects related to vernacular literature, but most materials related to medieval vernacular literature (Old English/Anglo-Saxon, Old Irish and Celtic Dialects, Old Norse, Middle German, Italian, and other languages) are found in the Hesburgh General Collection with the literature from their modern language counterparts. 

Books and journal issues from this collection may be checked out for a period of five days, and renewed three times through the library's website. After this period, users must request an extension from the Medieval Studies Librarian, Julia Schneider.